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Friday, December 30, 2011

The New Year

Happy holidays everyone! Hope you guys all had a great Christmas. Or had a great [insert the holiday you celebrate here]. So it's New Years Resolution time! My New Years Resolutions are:
  1. Be more Eco-friendly: I really want to try and compost, and walk more.
  2.  Be healthy: I don't want to lose weight or anything. Just, you know, eat more vegetables, and drink more then 1 glass of water a day.
  3. Blog more: Yeah, I'm pretty bad at blogging regularly.
  4. Write down every book I read this year.
What are YOUR New Years Resolutions?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Holidays!

Hello! I bet you guys forgot about me, it's been so long. So, it's completly green where I lvie right now. I mean, what's the point to live in Canada if you can't even geta white Christmas? Sigh. I really hope we'll have some Christmas miracle, and have it snow.                                                                                        
What is your favourite holiday song? Mine would probably be "Christmas Lights" by Coldplay. But it's not really a happy song.

So Happy Holidays everyone!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What's Your Favorite....?

Hey guys! So I didn't know what to blog about, so I found this random " What's Your Favourite..." quiz online. ( The link to the website is : http://www.humorthatworks.com/how-to/50-questions-to-get-to-know-someone/) So here we go!

1. What was your favourite food as a child? Cheese pizza, and still is.
2. What's the #1 played song on your iPod/MP3? "Viva la Vida" by Coldplay
3. What is one of your favourite quotes?  " The weapon we have is love"
4. What's your favourite indoor/outdoor activity? Reading,singing,chilling when I should be doing homework...
5. What chore do you absolutely hate doing? The dishes
6. What is your favourite form of exercise? Playing sports like soccer and gymnastics
7. What is you favourite time of day/day of the week/month of the year? Right before I go to sleep because that's the time of day when I chill out and read, and listen to podcasts. My favourite day of the week is Friday, favourite month is December
8. What's your least favourite form of transportation? City bus. The city buses in my town aren't very reliable.
9. What is your favourite body part? Hmm, I'd say eyes and legs
10. What sound do you love? Coldplay music, and rain against your window

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm in Pottermore

Hey guy! So yesterday, I got my Pottermore email!! I'm going to keep this blog spoiler free so don't worry.
Pottermore is awesome. The graphics and the artwork are really beautiful. And the new content is amazing. So my wand is vine with phoenix feather core and its 14 1/2 inches, slightly yielding. Jo put so much effort into all the info about the wands. My wand describes me perfectly, so I'm happy about that!
 I got sorted into Ravenclaw!! I'm not surprised. I thought either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor.
 I'm only on chapter 9 of Pottermore, so I'm not done yet. I personally hope that Pottermore lets more people in, because at this rate they might not get everyone in by October.

 So Twitch ( from Twitchverse) awarded me the " I Dig you Blog" award.
Thank the person who gave you this award:
Thank-you so much Twitch!!!
Reveal 3 random facts about yourself:
1. I love MuggleCast and Mugglenet
2. I'd rather watch videos on Youtube instead of watching the T.V.
3. I'm a huge bookworm

Pass the award on:
To Chi of http://michelleschulte.blogspot.com/

My Pottermore username is PurpleNight166


Friday, August 5, 2011

Pottermore Beta, Harry Potter 30 Day challenge all in one post!

Hello peoples of Earth. Have any one of you joined Pottermore? I have! I joined on Day 4, because I'm lazy and I didn't want to wake up early. :)
I'm PurpleNight166. Tell me your user names in the comments below!
 So I stole this from Twitchverse , and it is a 30 day HP challenge. I'm guessing that you have to do each question a day, but that would be a very short post, don't yeah think? So here we go!

One - favourite book? Deathly Hallows. It is my favourite Hp and favorite book of ALL TIME.
Two - favourite movie? Deathly Hallows Part 2. It was just an amazing way to end the series.
Three - which film made you angry? I think Order of the Phoenix, because they left a lot of stuff out. :/Four - least favourite female character?  Umbridge. She's a bitch.
 Five - least favourite male character? Voldy
Six - what house would you be in? Gryffindor! But we will see what Pottermore has to say...
 Seven - favourite female character? Luna
Eight - favourite subject at Hogwarts? Probably DADA
Nine - favourite male character? Dumbledore. And Sirius
Ten - horcruxes or Hallows? Hallows. I'm not a killer!
Eleven - which character do you relate to? Maybe Sirius, because sometimes I feel like the odd one out in my family
Twelve - favourite pairing?  Ron/Hermione
Thirteen - least favourite movie? Order of the Phoenix
Fourteen - Voldemort or Harry? Harry Potter,duh
Fifteen - who would be your best friend at Hogwarts?  I'd probably be friends with Angelina, or Katie Bell... or anyone on the Quidditch team.
Sixteen - favourite Professor? Dumbledore, but since he doesn't teach when Harry's at Hogwarts, Lupin.
Seventeen - what would your wand be made of?  Don't know...
Eighteen - least favourite book? I love them all!
Nineteen - prefer books or films? books
Twenty - who would you like to meet from the cast? The trio!!
Twenty-one - which character would you bring back to life? Most likely Sirius
Twenty-two - Harry Potter or Twilight? HP for LIFE!
Twenty-three - Any part of the books/films made you cry?  Dumbledore's death, All the deaths in DH, The King's Cross chapter with Dumbledore, The Epilogue. In the movie Snape's death, The Princes Tale, and the credits.
Twenty-four - any scene you wished was in the movie? Dumbledore's history.
Twenty-five - satisfied with the epilogue? Very.
Twenty-six - favourite spell?  Expecto Patronum
Twenty-seven - which Hallow would you rather own?  If I didn't know about the Resurrection Stone, and how it didn't bring people COMPLETELY back to life, it would be that. But since I know the story, it would be the Invisibility cloak.
Twenty-eight - who would be your nemesis at Hogwarts? Draco
Twenty-nine - what you like as a job after Hogwarts? Auror, or professional Quidditch player. I'd be a Chaser.
Thirty - how much has Harry Potter affected you and your life? A lot. I would not be this person that's me if it wasn't for The Boy Who Lived.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 - Review

  When I saw the movie the atmosphere in the theatre was just so exciting. You would see Hogwarts students, Death Eaters, Harrys,Rons,Hermiones, and I saw a Hagrid also. Everyone was excited and nervous and scared and exhilarated. It was amazing.

 I am going to list what I liked :
  • The opening scene with Snape and Hogwarts was very powerful. It was a very sad feeling to see Hogwarts-the place we all adore- to be in such a terrible state
  • The Gringotts scene was very interesting for me 
  • After the Gringotts scene everything was focused towards the final battle
  • I found Aberforth very similar looking to Dumbledore, so I think they did a good casting decision
  • I liked the part where Harry jumps out at Snape and the McGonagall vs Snape was very good. Even though I liked this scene very much, I still loved how it was in the book, in the Ravenclaw common room.
  • The battle. Soo good. It really kept everyone in the theatre on the edge of their seats.
  • I loved Neville in the movie. I'm glad he got his moments.
  • Snapes death was just sooo amazing. Alan Rickman is amazing.
  • The Prince's Tale was so well done. The part that got to me most was when Snape was sobbing, rocking Lily back and forth...:'(
  • The forest scene...I loved it.
  • The King's Cross was good, should have been longer, ad I'm upset they left out Dumbledore's past, but I loved that they kept all the lines
  • The flaw in the plan was very good( except for the part when Harry jumps of the cliff with Voldy...I just thought that if Harry and Voldy were so close, one of them would have killed the other!) But I'm glad Harry addressed Voldy as "Tom")
  • I'm sort of upset that when Voldemort died he sort of burst into little pieces. I wanted it to be in the book, him being dead on the ground. I thought that showed how mortal Voldy was when Harry killed him
  • The Epilogue was so sweet. The trio looked weird...but it was to be expected? I hated how Harry's scar was gone. I thought it was a reminder of all the horrors in Harry's past.
I loved movie 8. What a phenomenal way to end the series.